Welcome Home

 I’ve become a bit OCD about having fresh flowers in my house. There’s something about seeing flowers everyday that makes me feel so much brighter and alive. I bought these super beautiful sunflowers at Pike’s Place, but I also have billy balls and lavender around the house!

Every time that I bring something new home I mentally welcome the inanimate object. Like this little pillow. It could’ve gone home with anyone, but it went home with me!

On another note, I’m a horrendously awkward person. When I was about to buy the pillow I had to stand in line. A nice, pretty girl walked up to me and said, “what a cute pillow” and LOOKED RIGHT AT ME. Like she wanted me to say something. What should I say? I panicked. I couldn’t think of one damn response. So I just said, “I know.” With no obvious emotion. So she looked at me like I was crazy. I’m such a jerk, right?

I like to match my PJ’s with my sheets. Basically, I wish everything in my life was yellow and striped.

  So I sort of splurged at West Elm and bought a $50 blanket (in yellow, of course). I thought I might regret this decision, but I actually count it as one of the most intelligent purchases that I’ve ever made. I’ve brought it in the car, in the hotel room, on my bed, on my couch and as I type this on the floor. Also, when I moved I didn’t have anything but sheets so I was sleeping underneath my snow coat before this blanket came along. Safe to say, this is a large upgrade over snow coats.

I’m proud of myself for buying these prints. I never usually walk into places on a whim, but in this case I walked up to the cashier and pointed to the three in the window display and said “I would like those please”. I love looking up my favorite baseball teams and superheros as I lay on my couch and chocolate flavors as I’m cooking in the kitchen. I’m one of those weird people who hates paintings in her house and I think colorful prints like these are a fun option to the typical photograph or artwork. Also, after some thorough searching I realized that I couldn’t find “Batman” because he’s listed as “Man Bat”. Um… what? Was he called “Man Bat” in the original comic or something? Or did the artist commit a major flub? I couldn’t stop laughing when I found that!

The temperatures have been ridiculous this week. Hotter in Seattle than in San Diego? Seriously? Luckily I don’t get any direct sunlight in my apartment and the brick keeps out most of the heat, but the windows have been open constantly to get some breeze going! I’ve been searching for a cute mid-century or tufted bench to keep under my largest window… if anyone has any (inexpensive) store recommendations, I’d love to hear from you! I’ve been scouring craigslist and vintage malls to no avail!

Bought this in the clearance bin at a record store for FIVE DOLLARS. The cashier hadn’t even heard of Sofia Coppola. I find it funny that I could’ve cared less about every LP or CD in the place but I somehow sniffed out the only movie poster.

I’m living for the small moments in the morning where it’s just me, my french press and my window open to a foggy morning.


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