I don’t really like hotels.

And, ironically, I just have spent the past 3 months of my life working at a spa located in one.

They’re so impersonal to me. I hate the idea that you’re sharing blankets and pillows with old people, sick people, little kids, unhappy parents and annoyed businesspeople. People never look happy in hotels. They look tired, overwhelmed or down right pissed. Even in magical resorts in Hawaii. Or swanky Las Vegas casinos. I didn’t even like European hotels. I can’t even name one really happy memory that took place in a hotel. If I had to pick a favorite, it’d be the Sheraton that we used to stay in Anaheim. Not because of any happy memories, but because it smelled like chlorine and meant that we would be spending all day in Disneyland.

But I’ve noticed recently my contempt for hotels has decreased. I blame it on Sofia Coppola, for showing me that in Somewhere The Chateau Marmont is famous for a very good reason. I’ve also always wanted to stay in The Beverly Hills Hotel because it’s iconic and definitely my style. Even the average hipster blogger can’t help but brag about the time they spend at the nearest Ace Hotel (and for good reason).
However, my hotel fascination has turned into something much, much more. Browsing through the latest August issue of Lonny Magazine I came across the Mr. C Hotel in Los Angeles and fell IN LOVE.

The dark woods, soft leathers and crisp white just spoke to me in a way that normal hotels do not. This is what a hotel SHOULD look like, right? I adore the soft romantic elements against the sleek mid century lines and a nostalgic, old fashioned twist. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t even read the article. I couldn’t focus on words when pictures so beautiful were staring back at me, vying for my full attention. I did look up the price to stay one night though… and ran away with my tail between my legs. No, I will never, ever be rich and fancy enough to stay in such snazzy digs, but I can always dream… can’t I?

Then my aunt came across The Nines, a new hotel in Portland that reminds me a lot of Mr. C… without the devious price ranges!

I mean… did you see that library? I would want to die in that library just so I could haunt it in the afterlife. It’s THAT beautiful!

I’m not saying that I would grow accustomed to such beautiful hotels, but for just one night, it could be a fun adventure. Wear fluffy robes and order room service and not worry about what unhappy family crammed themselves into the bed the night before! It could actually be fun!


One thought on “Retreat

  1. I think I fell in the love with the nines. Totally affordable. I’m going up there for a short stay in a month or so and instead of the cheap hotel I was going to be at, I feel a need to splurge. They even let you bring your pet!

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