Pining for Portland

I spent from August 2nd to August 11th without internet. As much as I’m ashamed to have missed my blogs and pins so much, it was the right week to go without wireless. I spent a lot of time in silence, listening to the radio and I read a couple of really great books too. Starting a new job is overwhelming and setting up your first apartment is a big deal… I had enough stimulation without adding blogging to the mix!

It’s really coming together, isn’t it? I’ve begun to love my home… I genuinely look forward to coming back to it every day! It’s definitely a work in progress and I’m totally typing this from my mattress on the floor… but I can see an end in sight! Everything I have is secondhand or vintage (with the exception of the mattress of course) and that’s something that I’m really proud of. Of course… there have been some interesting moments. Like the time when I carried grocery bags and a vacuum throughout downtown Seattle and onto the bus. Or when I had to catch the bus before the bank closed. I was that girl who chased the bus and almost lost her shoe in the middle of the street.
As for the job… this is my view everyday.

Understandably, I have no complaints.

Another event that’s kept me busy is more family coming into town and then heading to Portland for a family reunion.

Tay’s birthday and other dinners throughout the week kept things from getting too lonely and led to lots of laughs and lively story-telling. Dinner is just one of my most favorite things. Also, not having any vases led me to using an old bottle for her birthday flowers and I have to say, my quick thinking creativity paid off, they looked really nice!

I haven’t mentioned my ethnicity on the blog before… but I guess now is a better time than any! My mom’s dad is Islander and I usually tell people he’s from Guam, even though he grew up on Yap and Tinian. Her mom was a Polish red head. My other side of the family is less distinct, but my dad is a mix of French Canadian and Scottish with a dash of Native American mixed in there somewhere. Based off of this ethnic blend, I look like quite a mutt. I have the typical facial structure of someone that’s Islander, but my coloring is very freckly fair (as in, the lightest shade of foundation you sell thank you very much) and my hair is light brown with a lot of blonde and red undertones. Both of my parents were blessed with naturally tan, olive-toned skin with dark brown hair and on many occasions my mom and her sisters have been compared to the Kardashians (big butt, long black hair). In the end, I’ve embraced my light hair and I don’t bother to dye it. I don’t think I ever will. Though, I do wish I had inherited the olive-toned completion that my sister managed to genetically snag. Two of my cousins are naturally blonde, so I can only imagine how confusing it must be for people to see that! A lot of people straight up ask me what I am. Sometimes, people are surprised and tell me that they assumed that I’m 100% white (whatever that means) or they think my look makes total sense. I’m always going to think I’m pretty weird-looking… but mixed people are supposed to be more attractive as races mix more and more over time? Maybe critics will be less harsh when beauties like the Kardashians or Rashida Jones are out there.

For me, Portland always means one thing: Powell’s. I could spend all day there. I’ve already spent hours easily. Portland as a city mystifies me… I still don’t understand it very well, but at the same time, I love it. The people are ridiculously kind and the areas that I’ve explored are so unique and uncluttered. Do you see me and Jackie in the reflection? I came back from Portland with a bag of books, an armful of billy balls and a handful of fun memories.

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