Thrift Shopping, Stalking and Pizza-Eating

While thrift shopping I tend to come across a lot of things that I absolutely love, but could never afford. Venetian mirrors, mid century side boards and colorful marquees are all on the “someday” list!

We had a garage sale on Saturday that was incredibly successful! Plus, we’ve sold a ton of things on craigslist! If there was a gold medal in craigslisting, I think I’d win!

Speaking of craigslist… this was my first craigslist purchase EVER. I’ve sold about 50 different things myself (and have always met the most kind people) but never bought anything for myself! The neighborhood and the vendor were a little sketch, but I ended up getting almost exactly what I wanted!

I think this lamp is so interesting! It’s made from an old camera tripod with a bare bulb shade. Plus, the girl that sold it to me was sweet. That makes all the difference, right?

Guess where? I made my first trip to Gasworks (finally!) and I must say… now I understand what all the fuss is about. Not only are the views stellar, but the grounds themselves were full of such interesting people. Families playing soccer, engagement photo shoots and even a romantic date (that I was totally stalking) where they lit fire lanterns… just like in Tangled!

I’m just a little obsessed with the Olympics (call me Mrs. Michael Phelps) but on Opening Ceremony day I happened to only buy patriotic themed items. Quite the coincidence! Plus, I was wearing red, white and blue!

I FINALLY made my way to the Fremont and Ballard markets! Because I was working weekends, I hadn’t had the chance to see all the amazing vendors and foods and music and shops! Needless to say, I fell in love. And I will be returning every sunny Sunday morning!

I pined over vintage dresses that I will never be able to afford…

… and ate the most delicious slice of pizza at Ballard Pizza Company!


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