Could You Be?

I’m used to guys living in pretty crappy places. I even dated a guy for while who slept on a bean bag chair. He even actually referred to it as his BED.

That’s not to say that I judge a man by his abode… I think I’d even prefer a man who could care less. Mostly, because I would be worried if he cared a little too much. I would be freaked if I met a boy who poo pooed my thread count or actually held an opinion on my decorating style! It reminds me of Clueless “He does dress better than I do… what would I bring to the relationship?” If I came across one of these persnickety men I’d of course have to wonder if he was a (another quote from Clueless) “a disco-dancing, Oscar Wilde-reading, Streisand ticket-holding friend of Dorothy”. In other words: gay. Then I came across this home tour in Apartment Therapy and fell in love not only with the decor but the handsome man who decorated it all. A dreamy mix of masculine edge with a light, airy California feel… could this perfect home actually be at the hands of a straight man? Oh, and he has a cute dog. I’m honestly unsure how I’d feel if I was dating a man who took me home to this perfection. Probably because you’d have to be a REAL MAN (whether straight or gay) to own a home so perfectly made. And I haven’t come across a lot of those… real men OR perfect homes.

Seriously? It doesn’t get more perfect than that! Crisp white walls with deep, dark floors and lively plants create the perfect palate for clean and simple mid-century modern furniture.

Again, the crisp white flatters the simple cupboards, white subway tile and chopping block counters. Plus, there’s a sunken farm sink! Every single aspect of this room is on my wish list.

           And yes, he has a garden (which I will NEVER have) but they’re all simple plants for plant-retarded people like myself. They hardly need any water or attention an the mismatched pots are adorable. And those fishing poles! He’s a beautiful, well-decorated man who fishes? He’s really pushing me over the edge with that cuteness.


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