The Inbetween Time

I have a hard time relaxing. There’s a large side to me that’s very lethargic (one of my most favorite words) where I like to stay home, cook dinner, watch a movie, maybe read a little and go to bed early. But even as I’m doing these things that would be considered relaxing to most people, I’m usually stressed out about something or other. I’m way too neurotic for my own good in that way. I like making lists, I like planning for the next step or the next day and I’m always vaguely panicked about something. My old roommate loved to tell me to “CALM DOWN.”

Last week was one of the most stressful weeks that I’ve had in a LONG time… mostly because I was actually doing stressful things! Resigning from both of my jobs was nerve-wracking (but ended up being really successful and positive) and looking for an apartment is TOUGH BUSINESS! Though my previous living situations have been less-than-satisfactory (three words: flooding, fleas and rats) I was so determined to find a place that would decide my lifestyle in Seattle. Each neighborhood represented a side to me and sparked new challenges. And it didn’t help that the first apartment I saw was perfect, but I hesitated and it was gone. You have to be good with rejection and jerks if you’re looking for an apartment in Seattle. But when I toured the apartment that would become mine I just knew. The location was biking/walking distance to all my favorite stores but still in a quiet and safe neighborhood. Plus, the manager was a sweetheart. That made all the difference to me.

To make up for all the stress and lack of sleep (insomnia comes hand in hand with change for me) I’ve been doing my best to relax. And even though it’s another list, I’ve been trying to check off each fun summer to-do while still taking time to lay around and do nothing at all. Today I lazed around in my glasses, no bra and no makeup all day and it was heavenly. And I’m pretty sure it’s been the most relaxing day that I’ve had since moving to Seattle. And I totally deserved it!

Grey drizzling weather didn’t improve my apartment shopping mood… but it sure was pretty. I’m going to miss this window view kind of a lot.

And I’m going to miss my girl time filled with romantic comedies, random art projects and hand clapping games.

A little thank-you present that was so sweet.

Even though it was hard not to laugh while touring apartments (moldy ceilings? broken stairways? the ever-lingering scent of pot?) it was almost worth it to explore little nooks and crannies of the city that I’ve never seen before!

I had a revelation just before seeing Batman about friendships. And what kind of friendships I should be surrounding myself in. But mostly what friendships I should be staying away from. You know it’s bad when you consider NOT seeing Batman and just going home! But I figured that I’d already paid for parking and my ticket… and I was reallyyy craving popcorn… so I stayed. Maybe next time I’ll be ok just going by myself.

S’mores happened last night. They were delicious. I smelled like a campfire when I crawled into bed. It was awesome.

Other than the s’mores, I’ve been eating healthier. I’m not quite sure what is wrong with me, but I’m considering a doctors visit… just to make sure everything is ok.

I’m so excited for finding furniture for my new place! I’m nabbing this lamp from my aunt, but I’m looking forward to buying real furniture! I’ll of course keep you updated on my future buys!


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