Some Big News!

I’m always so hesitant to share big, life-altering changes with others because the pessimist side of my personality argues that plans can always fall through. And how embarrassing would it be to tell someone great, exciting news only to see them at a later date and tell them that actually, none of those plans ended up occurring?

But I want to share some news with you right now… news that I’m hoping won’t ever fall through! I got a job! Not only is it a job, but it’s a career. It’s a consistent position with a good salary and benefits and all in a happy environment. Receiving this job feels so monumentous that it’s almost too good to be true! I’ve been applying for full time positions for about 10 months… even when I was still in college. I’ve gone through so many cover letters and resumes and interviews in the past year that it’s really ridiculous!

Leaving notice at both my full time job and my internship was nerve-racking, but in both cases people were so supportive and understanding. I think everyone in my life knew how hard I was working to achieve something like this and it feels so wonderful to have their blessing and support.

I went to my first Sounders game (and my first professional soccer game) ever! I had no idea how attractive soccer fans are! They’re all short, fit men who are very stylishl! Everything was so different than what I’m used to from baseball games, but I imagine that I like soccer games much more than I would like a football game. I definitely want to go back again.

Today we ate at Skillet and as much as I LOVED my meal, and I definitely plan on going back for breakfast, I felt like I almost died of a food coma afterwards. And I didn’t even eat that much! (Well, in comparison to how much I normally eat…) Cute server boys and my favorite music set to a modern take on a diner setting? I was swooning the entire time!

I’m so excited for this next step in my life! My first day of work isn’t for another two weeks and I’m taking this time off to really get myself together, collected and to relax a little bit too! I’ve created dozens of lists and just today I managed to check off almost everything on my “need now” list!


One thought on “Some Big News!

  1. Congratulations!!! I am proud of you!! You’re going to do great things! Seattle is awesome. I’m going to be up in Portland and Seattle soon 🙂

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