How to Make a Home

I’m hoping and praying that by next week I will be making decisive plans on moving.

This idea kind of stresses me out when I think about all the planning and busing and lugging it will entail. There’s also the matter of a bunch of my very personal things that I could never throw away are being stored in my dad’s garage. In California. Not the most ideal location, right? But I know somehow all of these things will work out eventually… which brings me to my second feeling… COMPLETE & UTTER EXCITEMENT. Thinking about having my own place (finally!) turns me on. There’s nothing that I love more than finding the perfect addition to my home and with my new place I get to completely start over. No bed, no plates, no rugs… no nothing. This fresh slate is intimidating but thrilling in that everything will be mine. It won’t be something that a family friend got sick of and left behind. Or something from the side of the road. It will be something that I discovered and purchased with my own money! And I’m not going to rush into anything. I don’t want to feel like I need to buy a couch or table immediately and settle for something that I’m not truly smitten with. Because I want to be 100% smitten with my choices.

Urban Outfitters recently paired with the Selby for their 2012 Apartment lookbook and I felt so happy to finally see images of funky, cute and inexpensive decor. Each apartment explored something different that I hope to bring my my future home.

1. I hope to have great fabrics and texture throughout my home to contrast against simple white walls and plain floors. I absolutely love this rug and even though I could never put up bring, patterned curtains, I love the homey feeling that the colors bring in the room.

2.I want to be sure to maintain my girly and daring side. I’ve always adored couches that are velvet or bright or patterned because I love the idea of one bold, statement piece. I like things like disco balls and old globes as decoration. Probably too many things will be yellow. Though I definitely have a taste for rustic, manly homes, I don’t want to create a house that’s too masculine!

3. There will be lots of plants. It’s something small that’s incredibly important to me. Living in Seattle on gloomy days can be rough, but being surrounded by lush greenery makes any gloomy day brighter.

What about you? What are aspects that you like to bring into your home? What do you like looking at everyday? What makes you happy about your home?


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