A Little Of This… A Bit More of That

Goodness… it has been a busy, eventful week! I’m hoping that next week will bring some big and exciting changes for my life! These are a few pictures in no particular order and sometimes with mini explanations attached to them.

Normal-sized geese gross me out and obviously hate me back, but baby geese make my voice rise to embarrassing pitches. They’re just so cute and fuzzy!

This spot has become my place. I keep coming back to it every few days with different people and feeling completely different emotions. I can go, collect my thoughts and feel peaceful again… and it’s prettier than a church!

The University district is pretty grungy and even a little shady. It reminds me so much of Berkeley and the Bay Area. I love that grafitti acts as the art that covers most buildings.

The very awkward boy ringing me up at Trader Joes informed me that these are friesias and I love them. Every day a new bloom pops up and emits a pretty, soft scent. I’m proud of how dedicated I’ve become to fresh flowers.

This is a real picture from a real view in Seattle. Um… where did the top of the Space Needle go? I felt like I was in Silent Hill! This fog/super hot/thunderstorm weather has been more than a little crazy.

My boring Thai choice… pad see ew. Created entirely for those unadventurous folk like myself who hate anything spicy. But who can resist those soft noodles, sweet brown sauce and crunchy broccoli?

I wanted to like To Rome With Love but Woody was just beating me over the head with the moral of each story. And there were too many stories… and none of them that I really even liked. I even checked my phone in the middle of these movie! At a certain point, I just stopped caring. But there was something about it. Maybe it was the location or the actors… but something made me leave the theater humming and smiling. So something worked… I just can’t figure out what!


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