Um… Just 3 Days of Summer?

My goodness I’ve been busy. It seems like most days I come home, crumple into my bed and snooze. As busy as I’ve been, I must say that things have been rather uneventful for me. My last “weekend” off was forgettable and my work week flew by in a daze. But a few small things have kept me going and smiling and I’d like to share them with you!

  I LOVE this picture! It reminds me of a Brooks Brothers ad. I took it last week as I was walking to the bus stop on my day off. I was meeting with my boss and planning on laying by Greenlake and sunbathing. And sunbathing I did! I read a funny book and talked to my best friend for hours while I laid in the sun. It was simple, but wonderful.

It had been raining cats and dogs in Seattle. And not just the normal drizzle… but pouring sheets of rain. It seems as if the weather has decided to completely ignore the seasons and cause a mild depression epidemic over the people of Seattle. For me, at least, it feels as if it’s been winter forever. When I still lived in San Diego in December it was raining constantly and when I went up to Wisconsin it was snowing and then I moved to Seattle where it was beautiful weather… but only for a few weeks! The upside (if there is one) is that there’s really beautiful greenery and flowers growing out of every nook and cranny of Seattle.

Despite the shoddy weather, I was dead set on seeing a baseball game this week! The A’s and the Red Sox were both in town! I finally convinced my friend to go with me Saturday night to the Red Sox game and we got so lucky with the weather… it was even sunny for a while! We sat in these bleacher seats for about 20 minutes soaking up the sun before we snagged some seats closer to the actual game and what a game it was! Tied until the bottom of the 11th! Mariners won… but they deserved that win… everyone played a great game. And also, by that point it was 11:30 and I was too tired to be mad!

I forgot to mention my birthday present from my mom! These adorable PJ’s are the most comfortable thing to slip into before bed at night. If you don’t own silk or satin pajamas, I highly suggest investing in some for summer nights.

I love how this picture came out too! The sun came out just as I was mixing up some strawberry lemonade.

Mid-day indulgences from the market have helped me get through long work days!

Also, I recently experienced the most romantic incident of my entire life. And I have some pretty crazy stories about romantic gestures from the past, but this was different. So different. It was something straight out of a movie. I’ve never felt fate so strongly then at that very moment. I feel too silly telling the story on a blog post, but it’s made me smile at least once every day since!

This week has also been a hard one for my family and friends because a close family friend was in a motorcycle accident. It looks like he’s going to be ok, and we hope for the best, but I’d so appreciate if you keep him in your thoughts and prayers!


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