Happy Fourth To You!

It’s no secret… Fourth of July is one of my most favorite holidays! It reminds me of when I lived in a small town and we’d all lay in the park downtown and look up at the fireworks, our heads, legs, arms intertwined and blankets overlapping. Maybe a few ashes would fall on your face as you were kissing your boyfriend or on your tan legs and white cut off shorts. The weather was warm, the pizza was cold and friends were at an arms length. I remember such happy Fourth’s from when I was a teenager.

I also noticed about a year ago that when I’m happy, I wear red, white and blue. And not just the simple blue jeans and white tee… but year-round, full-on, over-the-top patriotic outfits! I just love the mixture of colors and I love the look of American Flag. I guess that makes me a great American citizen, right? I’m infatuated with the idea of America… or at least, what America used to stand for! The flag brings us all back to a different time, a different mindset I think.

Free People/Converse/Ruche/TopShop/JefferyCampbell/Sperry/PacSun/Converse


One thought on “Happy Fourth To You!

  1. Just sitting out on someone’s lawn at night under the stars, excitement building toward the fireworks to come….running around, playing chase games….good memories – great country….we’re so lucky! Thanks for taking me back to that wonderful time.

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