Inspiration on Perfect Days

  I am aware that I’m wearing this sweater too much… but I just love it! Today I wore an all-yellow outfit (first picture) and even though I felt a little self conscious about looking like a lemon, a woman that was walking past me said “You’re outfit makes me happy.” That’s what it’s all about, right? And it’s the first day of summer. If there’s any day that you’re allowed to wear an all-yellow outfit, it’s the first day of summer! Plus it was GORGEOUS weather today (I got a tan/burn!) and I was able to wear a sundress without tights! Amazing!

I’ve gotten into this very stalkerish car picture phase. Maybe it’s because I’m jealous that other people have cars. Maybe I just really like these cars! Either way, I’ve been seeing such cute ones! Someday I’ll have one of my own….

I’ve really been focusing and buckling down on getting work done! I’ve slowly been checking each task off of my to-do list too. I even sewed up the holes in a couple of sweaters/dresses. Those chores are the ones that never get done! I’ve also been reading/buying some fantastic books that I keep devouring tirelessly.

I hadn’t exactly planned what I was going to get my best friend for her birthday but as soon as I walked into Williams Sonoma her present jumped out at me and I spur of the moment picked it out! I’m sending it late (of course) but in the end, I know it’s something that she’ll appreciate and use. It’s worth being late if it’s something that she’ll love!

On my “Friday night” I baked a delicious pie and watched Something’s Gotta Give. I laughed hard and cried a little. Can you just call me Erica Berry from now on? That story-line was a bit too close to home and I couldn’t help but get my own hopes up after watching it. But that’s my problem! I’m too much of a romantic for the real world. “People need that romance, and if someone like me doesn’t write it… …where will they get it? Real life?”

My grandma and grandpa came to visit and we lunched and went shopping… and it was wonderful.

Have you ever brought someone someplace that you considered really special? And then you don’t see that person anymore. And then every time you go back to that special place it feels less special? It’s almost as if the memory of them taints the place… or feels empty without them. But in this case it was a good memory… perfect even… and just the ending tainted everything else. I’m hoping that feeling goes away soon. I also hope that I can share my special place with someone else soon.

Today I sat by the canal, sun bathed in my yellow sundress, ate the best sandwich known to man, called my best friend, drank lemonade, bought three wonderful books from my favorite store in all of Seattle and read Moby Dick. It was a perfect afternoon. A perfect day really.


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