A Few Days Done Me Good

My usual days off have become Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but because my birthday ran on a Monday this week I ended up with a wonderful three day vacation. AND I got to leave a few hours earlier on Sunday! Now, this might not sound like much to the untrained eye, but it was absolutely heavenly to me! I went from sulking, crying and throwing a “spa fit” on Sunday, to today… relaxing as if I’ve never worked a day in my life. Not only was my birthday a wonderful day, but I got some real work done without overdoing it and ran errands that ended up being fun instead of annoying. I also took the time to treat myself, which was desperately needed!

These pictures were taken last weekend, when I was desperately trying to grasp at some form of happiness. I bought those daisies at the market and it just felt good to walk around carrying flowers. Because the people you walk past don’t know that you bought them for yourself. They imagine that you have some hunky, romantic boyfriend who does sweet things like buy you daisies. I spent last weekend daydreaming that I was about to brunch with wonderful Seattle girlfriends (that I don’t have yet) rather than slave away at work and babysitting!

And after a bad babysitting incident, I received the cutest apology ever.

Now before you go and judge me for taking a picture of my feet… let me just say that I know that it’s a pretty weird toe nail polish color. But after an sad incident occurred that caused my last pedicure to be ruined, I needed to look at my feet again and think happy thoughts. And not to be reminded of a crappy story that never needs retelling. So I chose highlighter yellow and it was actually called “daisy”. I mean, it practically had my name written all over it.

Because I have to wear all-black (or white) to work everyday, I really try to make an effort to wear a lot of colors on my days off. And even though the weather generally sucked after my birthday (I still think that amazing weather was a gift to me) I insisted on wearing wedges and sundresses and skirts. A few older gentlemen (not creepy hobos) even stopped me on the street to tell me how nice I look. I think they just miss a time when women dresses like ladies. I miss it too.

After seeing Moonrise Kingdom on Monday (which I LOVED) I went and saw Prometheus by myself today. Now, most people feel really uncomfortable seeing movies by themselves… but I’m here to tell you how much I enjoy it. I did it all the time when I was reviewing movies. The trick is to show up just on time. That way, you slip into the theater without any pitying stares following you. No one tries to eat your popcorn… no one tries to hog the armrest… it’s kind of wonderful. The only thing is… I’m a talker. I do sometimes miss whispering a witty joke or two. Otherwise, the movie was good and unexpected and really suspenseful. I couldn’t believe how quickly time flew by and I even caught myself holding my breath a few times. But of course, there were things I would’ve changed…. After, I stopped by the University Bookstore that my aunt has been trying to get me to go to for months. And now that I’ve gone, I’m kind of obsessed with it. They had a wonderful selection of books and amazing deals… I bought these two secondhand for only $13! That bookstore alone could’ve made my three day weekend!

Now that I’ve had my days of relaxation, I’m determined to get a lot accomplished for the remainder of the week!


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