So Witty and So Delightful

Sometimes, I think we lose sight of bloggers as real people. In part, I feel that this is because of how these (predominantly) women reveal themselves. Some come off as distant and focus on a product or a style religiously, rarely focusing on themselves. You’re left wondering if these mystery women are garishly hideous or pathetically boring in real life. Even as popular as these blogs are, you can’t help but wonder if these women have any friends or family. It’s sad more than anything. Then there are the oversharers. The ones who say “My boyfriend this” or “my wonderfully glamorous group of friends that”. They come off as so self absorbed that you’re somewhat appalled by their lack of humility. Readers usually assume that they are only children and were probably a mean cheerleader in high school.

Then there are the perfectly balanced bloggers. I’d like to note that I consider my boss, Cassandra, in this category! I’ve also thought for some time that Kate Arends of Wit & Delight falls into this category. Though I rarely read her blog (I’m not a fan of that layout style) I follow her Wit&Delight Tumblr religiously. She shares a lot of my design sense and a very masculine, tomboyish vein runs through everything she does. Also, she’s probably the cutest little thing that I’ve seen. And her home is absolute perfection to me. Her blog isn’t self absorbed or blase. Her instagram is so fun to follow. Underneath it all, she seems like she’s a really great person. This Style at Home with The Glitter Guide made me love her even more.

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