Just That Day of Birth

It took 22 years… but I was finally able to make the perfect first pancake today! I swear it wasn’t so much me as it was the pancake flour, but I’ll take all the credit that I can get! How beautiful is that baby?!

Lunchbox Laboratories, you are a new favorite. The name is odd, but when my aunt told me that she heard about a really great burger place in South Lake Union, I accepted the invitation… no questions asked. I don’t kid around when it comes to cheeseburgers. This particular one is dubbed the Ron Swanson, and for good reason. And if you read my blog and don’t know who Ron Swanson is… just stop now. Just kidding. But seriously, please educate yourself. Immediately. This burger was to DIE for. Plus, they serve Mexican Coke, which is quickly becoming my favorite “burger” beverage. I’m quickly trying to think of another reason to head back for another burger.

The weather is Seattle was spectacular today. It was SUNNY and HOT. I got a tan! I only laid out for a few hours with a new book, but I swear I got some color! It’s a miracle!

Wasn’t my cake so darn cute? Same delicious chocolate cake as last year, the Molly Wizenberg cake, but my birthday experience was entirely different!

I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out for at least a year… and it didn’t disappoint! I haven’t laughed that much in a long time! The speed and dry wit is so complimentary to my slow and meek lifestyle! Everyone else in the theater was on a hipster date and my aunt fell asleep… but it was the perfect birthday movie. I’m not sure it tops last years Super 8… but it’s close!

This year is a real year for roots. It’s my first year as a real adult in the adult world. When I got my hair cut this morning my hair dresser, the sweetest motherly woman from Brazil, gave me a long pep talk on love and my career. She told me that I can do anything that I want… and she’s absolutely right! I joked with her that I need to get my hair cut more often so that she can keep feeding me these positive ideals, but she’s just right! It started with moving to a new state and city and it’s going to end with finding a great job and a wonderful man! I’m excited for 22 and if today was any indication… it’ll be a great year!


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