Girls Run This

I haven’t seen Girls yet.

I have also have not seen Game of Thrones.

After hearing this monumental news, I understand if you choose to no longer be my friend.

I’m pathetically behind on the times. And I’m poor, which explains the HBO situation. Yes, I understand that normal people, especially poor, normal people my age usually illegally download everything off of the internet, but I’m not capable of such delinquent behavior. The “do not cut” mattress tags still freak me out a little.

I wish I could give you this great review of the show an either discourage or encourage you to watch it if, like me, you haven’t seen it already. I do have a rather large lady career crush on Lena Dunham though… and so I just assume that someday I will like the show, very much. I first heard of Lena when I wrote a review for her film Tiny Furniture last year. Karen Durbin wrote this fantastic article on Lena in Elle, and I was fascinated by this young, overly blunt, outrageously neurotic girl. Her movies are figuring themselves out, just as she is. And she really seems to be the face of a new generation of women, my generation.

I saw this shoot in Glamour a few months ago and I fell in love with it. Not only are they wearing some of my favorites from the spring collections, which are feminine and fun, but this photo shoot proves that simplicity works. Too often I come across a shoot that’s haywire in it’s complicated “story” and location changes. My most favorite shoots take place in cars or in sand, a simple backdrop for something beautiful on its own. This shoot is colorful and fun… and I’m pretty sure that they’re filming in a dirty frat house… and I kind of love that sense of humor.


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