My Someday Home

Very rarely do I come across an interior home decor editorial that intrigues me. Usually they’re so plain, so traditional, so modern… so not ME. But a few weeks ago I came across this home tour in Traditional Home and smiled. Because it is SO me.

The first thing that stood out to me was the “stuff”. The eclectic items that don’t really need to be there, but make everything look 10 times better. Like those bright numbers on the wall, or the dress form behind the couch. Those items aren’t necessary, but they add a tone of whimsy and individuality to the rest of the room.

This home doesn’t feel staged like all the others. There’s a TV! I’m a big proponent of people showing their TV’s in home shoots… mostly because we all have them! We all watch TV! Why are interior decorators so ashamed of this? I was also pleased that there weren’t 60 different coffee table books lying around. No one ever reads coffee table books! Why do they only exist in these magazines?

What struck me next was the use of color. I’m always drawn to white homes… or at least homes with white bedrooms (I could never live in anything else). But this homeowner injected color in smart ways, like with that beautiful map, spacious coffee table and with witty, mismatched pillows. My only hesitation in the entire room is that the floor is black. You can tell that it’s something that they worked on when they moved in… but I find it a bit too dark. A regular maple-colored floor could’ve opened up the space a lot more.

Finally, what I loved was the mismatched styles of everything. The couch is rather modern, while those chairs are so European and Baroque. The coffee table, minus that awesome color, is actually rather traditional and the chandelier above it is a style that I don’t even understand. And that wonderful trunk is somewhat industrial looking to me… as if someone actually used it to carry around their equipment at some point.

I love how small this space is. They make such a great use out of every square inch. Though I don’t love this table and chairs, they way they’re nestled in this small corner makes me really like them a lot. And I love that they have so many bottles of alcohol on the bottom shelf. Like, look at us! We’re adults! We’re fun! The colorful glassware (again, something I would never use myself) is an afterthought to the pretty collection below.

I’m in love with this bedroom. It meets all my requirements. 1: There is AMAZING lighting. Can you imagine waking up to that every morning? It would be heaven to me. 2: It’s white! Nothing is more relaxing to me that sleeping in a white room. 3: She brought her funky aesthetic to this room. The bust lamp and the leopard chairs add some humor into the room without intruding on the relaxing white. 4: Don’t you just want to crawl into that bed? I do!

Now, these last two rooms are a bit crazy. And not at all MY style. They actually don’t fit with the rest of the home at all, don’t you think? But I like the idea that she has going on here. She took 2 small spaces that normally get zero attention and she made them fun again! If I don’t love them… I do admire them.


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