Inspiration Days


On a typical day, including an hour long bus ride both ways, I spend about 11 hours working. It’s hard to get much inspiration on those days… though I do have some great/extremely embarrassing bus stories! But I do get two days off, which helps. I call them my “inspiration days” because I try to get out of my usual neighborhoods and really do something different. Something that kicks me out of my work-week funk. Whether it’s breakfast at a cute cafe or a short trip to the park, anything and everything matters so much on these days off. I’m trying to appreciate more details of life, like helping my cousins get dressed for “crazy day” or achieving a decent foam on my cappuccino. Watching a Mariners game or eating escargot for the first time. Going to a show or thifting at an antique mall. I’m not saying that it’s easy to step back and really appreciate these things, but I’m definitely making an effort!


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