Today I Went for a Walk

I’ve been meaning to spend some time at the arboretum since I moved to Seattle, especially because I live so close to it… less than 5 miles! One of my most vivid memories of spending time in Seattle when I was young was walking through the arboretum and playing with the largest leaves that I’d ever seen (I guess trees in California didn’t impress me). Today I saw three little girls running around, shouting and playing with wooden swords and it took me back to the magic of the place. I could suddenly envision it as the enchanted forest that I had once visited.

This walk/bike ride was especially important today, when I really needed to clear my head and talk to my best friend. I started with an hour long walk and ended with an hour long phone call at the edge of a picturesque pond. I might’ve cried a bit when I reminded my best friend how much she means to me. I’m so damn lucky to have her. We just took the Briggs Myers test and were only one characteristic off from one another. I’m lucky to have found someone that is so similar to me in many ways, but also different enough to show me interesting activities and perspectives. I could gush further… but I’ll stop. She’s just the best person. In the best friends department, I totally scored. And she makes a mean cootie catcher. And she did gave me the perfect advice today, which I was in absolute need of. A lot of things have changed in the past month or so, and there are so many changes to come in the next coming months… but I’m ready for it! I think I’m a lot tougher than I look. And spending some time in nature always helps when things get confusing. Now I’m going to ice my butt and vow to never again ride a bike without a seat cushion.


One thought on “Today I Went for a Walk

  1. So humbled to be your best friend, and off-the-books cootie catcher extraordinaire ;). I may be all the way in San Francisco, but I’m always just a phone call away… that is, when I’m not working FOREVER! You’re a keeper, too, and don’t you forget that. We stick together like Gorilla glue and the chest hair of a Jack*$$ cast member. Love you.

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