So Excited!

A few months ago I was seriously considering moving to Seattle… but I was afraid. Yes, I had family and a handful of friends who lived in the city, but it wasn’t enough of a push for me to actually make the move. Then, in what seemed like perfect fate, I saw a blog post. One of my most favorite bloggers EVER was looking for an intern in Seattle. I wrote her an email right away. Like, that night. I was nervous, but I sent it off thinking that I’d never hear from her anyway… it just felt like it was too much of a long shot. Now, here I am, two months later working the coolest internship with the best boss. My first real project was this photo shoot… and it definitely felt more like fun than work! Isn’t it just so ethereal and moody? The funny thing is, I feel like a lot of weddings are kind of hokey, but even in my jaded opinion, this wedding table shoot was beautiful yet understated. I excel in getting things done, which came in handy for setting up the space and the cake, but I also learned a lot about what makes a photo shoot great! My speedy organization counteracts her creative genius, in a good way! I’m so proud of how everything turned out! Check out the spread on The Everygirl or on Cassandra’s blog Coco + Kelley!

How beautiful did that cake turn out? We had the original idea for the ribbon effect, but we wanted to incorporate an ombre effect somewhere within the table as well! Not to toot my own horn too much… but isn’t the ombre effect on this Baked cake just gorgeous?!

We got to do oyster shots after the shoot! Have I mentioned how wonderful Seattle seafood is? Because it’s WONDERFUL! And the owner’s of this restaurant were so cool and laid back about us using their beautiful space. If you have the chance, stop by Frank’s sometime soon!

And isn’t she just so dang pretty?

McKenzie Powell did an amazing job on those bouquets and James Moes was such a fun photographer!

I also have to mention my aunt, who donated so much of her time and personal belongings to this shoot! Without her help, the shoot wouldn’t have gone as smoothly!


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