Hi! A Mini-Update!

Some of my favorite ladies in the whole world just lounging in their robes!

Molly Moon’s has officially become my cure-all to bad days.

There have been a LOT of “bun days” lately. It’s not something that I’m proud of, but I just haven’t had the time to do much else!

I love visiting cool and funky antique shops more than anything else in the world. And I’m not even kidding!

My super cool cousin won’t let me take a normal picture of him. Trust me, he’s cute when he’s NOT making weird faces!

I like finding the beauty in little details. These artichokes were such a gorgeous display and a lot of other people who “liked” this picture agreed! I feel like most people who don’t follow me on Instagram must forget that I’m even alive! It’s the only constant contact that I have with the outside world sometimes!

I finished reading Jurassic Park and saw The Avengers in the same day. I’m pretty sure that this means that I’m turning into a preteen boy. And both were AMAZING by the way!

I forced myself to take the time to get a manicure this week. Granted, it took place during a rushed 30 minute lunch break, but I got one nonetheless! I was almost weeping from the relaxation of someone rubbing my hands for a short while.

I’ve been making the trip to and from Capitol Hill from downtown Seattle a LOT lately (my poor feet) and every time I walk past this sticker, I’m reminded of the friend who showed it to me! Pretty hilarious, huh?

Does anyone else remember my new years resolutions? Slowly, but surely, I’m plodding through each and every one! Also, I’m horrible at pool. Terrible, even. And I’m a sore loser.

Starbucks has fed me an embarrassing number of times in the past couple of weeks. Without that ever-present company, I would’ve starved.

I’ve been to so many different restaurants in the past few weeks, that I could probably write a novel about it. Maybe this will turn into a Seattle food blog! Either way, I’ve eaten my way through scrumptious pastas, crispy baguettes, the best pizza you will ever eat and mouthwatering sushi. Of course, I wouldn’t have found even half of these wonderful restaurants without out having a knowledgeable guide… but maybe there’s more to come on that later….

All the hipsters drink Stumptown, but I gotta say… I was sorely disappointed. At least they made it pretty to look at?

Don’t be fooled by the glaring whiteness… I was feeling so desperately tired that I fell asleep on the bus not once, but several times that day. I’ve become a crazy bus lady. And I also need a good 7 hours of sleep a night to stay sane!

A LOT has happened in the past week.

I guess I never really went into the details of it all, but now I should probably explain a little more. I’m currently living with my aunt, uncle and three cousins in Seattle and during my visit with them a few weeks ago, I landed three interviews. Now, I always had the idea in the back of my mind that I wanted to end up in Seattle, but what I really wanted was the opposite of San Diego. And when I came to Seattle, I realized that I had found it. I heard “yes” from two of the interviews, one as a intern with a popular blogger/designer, Cassandra Lavalle of Coco + Kelley and Rue Magazine and the other at an online advertising company. I began the advertising job right away, literally three days after I traveled from Wisconsin to Seattle. I loved that I took the bus everyday, that I could dress up in fancy clothes and look like a professional woman. I loved that I worked in a skyscraper building (even though I’m deathly afraid of heights) and that I was three blocks away from one of the most wonderful places in all of Seattle, Pike Place. But there were a lot of drawbacks too. People would NOT talk to me there. They’d send emails when they were sitting only a few feet away. A lot of people belonged in that job, where they didn’t have to communicate face-to-face, but I did not. I needed a friend, someone that I could talk to. I needed some sort of stimulation other than whatever music was playing on my headphones. It was a constant struggle and I won’t lie, I went home crying a few days. Slowly, I met a handful of really kind, outgoing people, but it wasn’t enough to make me stay and on Monday, I quit the job. I hope that the friends I made while I was there will stay, because they really are awesome people who handle that environment so much better than I could! I didn’t just quit a full time job for nothing though, I was offered a full time position as an assistant at a high-end spa, just 3 blocks from where I was working before. I’m also becoming more involved with my internship and last Tuesday I was able to assist on a professional wedding table photo shoot.

It was so exhilarating to feel 100% in your element. Where you know how each and every detail is going to play out. It’s somewhat stressful, sure, but it’s worth it in the end, when you see the final result! Once the shoot is posted online, very soon, I’ll post the link on here!

In short, that’s how I feel… in my element. Yes, I’m usually dog-tired. My feet are usually swollen from running around from place to place. I’ve had to incorporate more “bun days” into my life. But I feel happy. I feel younger. I feel less stressed and more carefree. Each day looks entirely different than the last, but it’s become something that I look forward to, rather than stress about. I know a lot of changes are coming my way in the next couple of months, but it’s something that I’m welcoming, rather than dreading.


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