Aimless Wanderings in Downtown Seattle

Friday was a BIG DAY for me. I kind of felt that I deserved a gold star because… I took the bus!

In all fairness, I did ride the school bus for a year in the 7th grade. But does that really count?

I’d been planning this bus ride for a week. I had my stops mapped out and figured that it would take about an hour to get where I was going. So I get to the bus stop a little early when a bus, NOT my planned bus, pulled up. I hesitated, thinking I’d read my schedule all wrong when I saw that the sign said “Downtown Seattle”. So I hopped on and politely asked the bus driver if this bus would take me to Pike Street, downtown. She was so nice and she helped answer all of my questions about how to pay, where to sit and how long it would take. She actually said, “You’ve really never taken the bus before. Now I believe you.” The bus ride took a whole TWENTY MINUTES. I mean, that’s how long it takes to drive, park and road rage a little! Plus, boys that ride the bus are awfully cute. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that before? The downside of this super efficient bus route is that I arrived downtown before anything was actually open and it was pretty darn chilly outside. I managed to fit a lot of sights into just a few hours.

First things first… there was some sort of anime convention going on. I saw far too many adults dressed like this, or worse. They would flirt with each other too, by saying “Oh… I really like you’re costume…”. But in a way, I felt a sort of kinship with them. I mean, you must feel incredibly vulnerable to be wearing such a ridiculous outfit. By the way, this particular ADULT MAN was wearing purple, hairy pants. I felt very worried about this.

They were painting some of the trees blue. I’m not quite sure why, or if there was a reason really, but it looked so cool! Like something you’d see in a futuristic movie or a cartoon, not real life.

I of course had to make a stop by Pike Place. It isn’t so much that it’s a touristy visit for me… it just feels like home. Like I even could imagine working there someday. It’s quintessentially Seattle in every way. I even considered buying myself some tulips, but I wasn’t sure they’d survive the bus ride home. And I was totally right, because that bus ride was a lot more challenging than the first and took about 3 times longer!

This is the new Seattle library. From the outside, it looks so impressive, with it’s huge glass walls that seem to be moving. The outside reminds me of War of the Worlds or Alien for some reason… everything looks like a futuristic movie set to me. Inside, I felt a little let down. I was hoping for a minimalistic, clean but immaculate space and instead it felt a lot like a old, concrete Ikea. The chairs were plastic outdoor chairs and there seemed to be so few books. The magazine section was sparse and dated. And do I really need to say anything about this all-red floor? Who’s idea was that?! It’s more than intimidating, it’s actually kind of scary! I went to another, different library today and felt a bit let down again. I really need to find a good library, and soon!

I would love to go to this theater someday. I was so happy when I saw the sign for Jersey Boys, but it’s for NEXT year. So sad. Rent will be playing this summer… maybe I’ll get a chance to stop by!

Overall, it was a lovely morning. My feet felt like they were going to fall off, but it was worth every second. I ended the excursion with a sandwich on some steps in the sun. You can’t really beat that.


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