Thankful… Saturday

So I’ve been completely lame about posting, but internet is hard to come by when you’re busy! The thing is, I have a lot to be thankful for this week. So here goes!

This is me, feeling completely, totally and wholly happy. I’m about to head to an entirely new city to begin an entirely new life. I can have a fresh start. I’m scared out of my wits and am feeling stressed… but a different kind of stress. I still don’t know how to pinpoint it exactly…. I usually try not to smile in pictures because of my moon face… but for this post, I don’t mind so much. And yes, that is orange lipstick that I’m wearing… inspired by Felicity Jones’ burnt orange lips for Dolce & Gabbana. I had just gotten my hair cut and I was feeling sassy and pretty.

I’m so thankful for my family, for taking me in when times have been hard for me. They alone are the reason I was able to afford to make this move and take this next step. I’m so grateful and humbled by them… but at the same time, I’m terrible at putting this into actions. To me, filling up a gas tank or vacuuming carpets is inconsequential, but it’s all that I have as a repayment to them. My greatest hope is that someday, when I see a family member of mine in need, I’ll be able to pass on the good deed. These pictures were taken on walks with Daisy, their dog that I’m taking care of while they’re away. Walks with puppies are usually not considered fun, but the beautiful scenery around us makes the constant barking and stopping and sniffing a lot more bearable!

Now that I’m in Seattle, I miss my mom and my cat. A LOT. Could I possibly sound more pathetic? But I don’t really care. The lucky people miss their loved ones and I miss mine. There are a lot of things I wish I could’ve gone back and changed while I lived in Wisconsin, but they’re in the past now and I have to move on.

I’m hoping that the new city will bring me a happiness that the others haven’t. I didn’t dislike living in the Midwest, the Midwest just seemed to not like me living there. Rejection has followed me around wherever I’ve been… but so far Seattle has welcomed me with open arms… and hail stones. This was my favorite spot to read in, in Wisconsin. It’s just a random bell in the middle of a park meadow. Beautiful, right? I’m excited to find my new reading spot. And my new favorite coffee shop. And my favorite grocery store. Even the smallest details are so exciting right now.



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