Puh-Lease Pants

Some people might think I’m crazy for loving these pants.

First, I’m very short. I like to think that I look a lot taller than I am, but my wishes for a 5’11” height have been ignored. I was the tallest girl in my 6th grade class and then… nothing. I think I’ve actually shrunk since then. Is that possible? I’m sure that tall, statuesque girls look wonderful in these pants. Much better than I ever could. However, this doesn’t deter me.

Second, when you don’t grow up, you grow out. I’m incredibly curvy, which is both a blessing and a curse. I have a small waist, a big bum and strong, muscular legs. It finally occurred to me in college that clothing stores simply DO NOT carry pants or shorts that fit me. For years I thought I must be hellishly fat because jeans never fit me. That’s also around the time that I started wearing dresses or skirts almost every day. This was no coincidence. I typically only have 1 or 2 jeans in my closet, a stark contrast to my lankier friends who have 7 to 10 pairs. However, wide leg pants are an entirely different story. They intrigue me.

A lot of people say they look like pajama pants… and I must agree. The choice then is to choose the perfect fabric. Silk is good, but only in a non-pajama-y print. Chiffon is light and airy. Linen or canvas is sturdier. The wide leg was made for girls with a small waist. They’re usually high-waisted, which I love (and a lot of other people hate). They hug the butt and then flare out, letting muscular legs have a breather for once. I was hesitant to try them for the first time, thinking I might end up looking more like the Michelin Man and less like Katherine Hepburn, but I was wrong. Overall, the biggest problem is the length. Most designers assume that the wide leg pant is made for tall girls only (story of my life) and increase the length of the legs.

Here are the rules, short girls. 1: You MUST wear heels when you wear these pants. Trust me, it gives you a better posture and those few extra inches go a long way. 2: You must get them hemmed. You’ll probably laugh and maybe cry at those extra 8 inches you’ve chopped off, but it’s worth it! Hem the bottom so that it rests just a few centimeters off of the ground when you’re wearing those heels. 3: Finally, you must wear a form fitting top. Whether it’s a tailored blazer or a snug tee shirt, the voluminous bottom proportion has to even itself out somehow!

As for me, I’m going to wait patiently until these pants go on sale and then snatch them up! Have I convinced you to give them a try?

Rag & Bone, Anthropologie, TopShop, Anthropologie


One thought on “Puh-Lease Pants

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