Mommy & Me

I joke a lot about becoming a Mormon mommy blogger. I buy shoes and the first thing I think is “Mormon mommy blogger style.” I make a lunch and think “what a Mormon mommy blogger would make.” It’s become a large part of my vocabulary, as well as my mind set. I love the quick peek I get into their simple, un- complicated and usually quite beautiful lives. Their world is filled with trips to the park, creating an especially delicious dinner and taking lots of pictures of their children. Their world is an escape for me, a moment where I can relax and imagine if my life was planned in such a way. Not that I would necessarily be happy having a life planned out for me, but it’s a daydream all the same. Almost as if I was transferred back to a different time, where certain things were expected of you and life was simpler. This is me, basically at my most anti-feminist self.

The main one that I follow, that everyone seems to follow, is The Rockstar Diaries. Terrible name, I think we can all agree, but it’s a fascinating blog. It began with Naomi and her adorable husband Josh, who are Mormon’s that met and fell in love in NYC when she was at Julliard and he was at Columbia. They moved to Washington DC, got a bulldog named Kingsley and have moved around to apartments always cuter than the last. Last year they had a little girl, named Eleanor,  and now they have a little baby boy on the way. Sometimes they take trips to NYC for the weekend, sometimes they go out on dates, occasionally they’ll go to the zoo… but these little outings are always picturesque and sweet.

Also, she kind of looks like me. Of course that sounds very narcissistic, but in an odd way it’s like looking at my life in a mirror. What my life could look like if I settled down and got married. In many ways, I hope my life DOES look like this someday. She’s so in love with her supportive husband and is an amazing, patient mother to her daughter. She has a large network of friends and family along every step of the way. Of course, Naomi is the much prettier version of me. But we do share that hopeless nose, big forehead, teeny eyes and long brown hair. There’s still a chance for me yet.

Also, I wanted to mention the person who took these pictures is another person that I think is pretty darn cool. Her name is Carissa Gallo and she and her husband Andrew sometimes work as photographers for Kinfolk Magazine (which is how I discovered her originally). They just seem like really amazing people… and they adopted their little girl Rinah from Uganda, even though they’re so young. This is Andrew and Carissa:

And Rinah:

If you’re interested in Kinfolk-ish things, I think you’ll enjoy their photography and blogs here and here.


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