Thankful Thursday (Big News!)

I usually have a pretty good idea of the posts I’ll be doing each week and this week Thankful Thursday just didn’t seem like an option.

Of course, I still felt incredibly thankful from my trip to Seattle… but I felt monumentally stressed from the calm after an interview. The feeling of hope and fear and nausea that follows the important day. In my case, I had three interviews while in Seattle… so I was waiting to hear back from three different places. In addition, I had an interview in Wisconsin practically as soon as I got back. I was stressed. And scared. But I’ve finally come to a decision…

I’m moving to Seattle!

So of course, me being me, I’m still very much so stressed and scared. I’m taking a huge leap of faith that this city will hold something great for me. I’m so lucky to have a family that wants to help me and encourages me. Without them, I’d never be brave enough to take this next step. Seattle is just such a great city. I know I’ve gushed about it in the past few posts… but the gushing won’t stop any time soon! Everything just feels so young and stylish and hip and intellectual in Seattle. They have bookstores and coffee shops and beautiful parks. Not to mention beautiful men and beautiful homes. Maybe it won’t be the right place for me… but maybe it will! I’m in a hyper-sensitive state right now and I’d appreciate any kind words of encouragement (because I’ll need them!) or any Seattle-style suggestions of where to eat, what to do or how to take public transportation!

Here are a couple of other things that I feel thankful for…

I really haven’t been into wearing a lot of makeup lately. Though, there were a few pictures taken of me in Seattle where I thought “WOAH! Who’s that MONSTER?” I mean… I know I’m hard on myself, but really… I just looked terrible in some of those pictures! I was kind enough to not share them with you. Otherwise, just a touch of mascara and some lip color is all I really need!

This is the meal we ate during the BIG TALK about what decision I should make.

And yes, my nachos only had a little bit of cheese and meat. I’m just not into Mexican food, ok? The Pepsi bottle made me awfully happy though!

Anyway, I started to tear up and my mom was trying to encourage me to make the move for the job, even if I’m scared and poor. I’m really going to miss my mommy.

So for the rest of my life I’m going to remember that at last week of March is the designated time for cherry blossoms, tulips and daffodils to bloom. I’m also going to remember not to go outside for this particular week. They sure are pretty though. My sinus’s are really missing out.

There’s this one really bohemian, Berkeley-ish area of Madison that I’ve driven through a handful of times, but I’ve never gotten out and explored. There are a few more things I wish I would’ve done with my time, but over all I loved living in Madison… I just wish Madison loved me living here! I can’t say that I didn’t try though! I went on a date… I worked a part time job… I even started going to a bar regularly! I feel like I’ve become a different person in so many ways!

An attempt to hold onto the manicure as long as I possibly can…. How is it that the middle finger is always ruined first?

Also! We saw The Hunger Games movie and it was AMAZING. I cried so hard that the people around us were handing me tissues. But I think my nervous state has affected me more than I’d like to admit because I also cried during The Avengers preview. Please go out and see this movie. It’s 100% amazing and I’m think I might even go back and see it again. I haven’t liked a movie this much since last summer’s Super 8!

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