We Are Family

Aren’t my aunt and cousins too cute? I have this awful word-vomit-y desire to tell everyone that my cousins are twins… because I just think it’s so darn cool! My sister and I are so incredibly different and we’ve never had any of the same friends, but people always assume we’re similar because we look similar! I would’ve loved to look as different as these two growing up! I loved the early morning cuddles, late night art projects, ice cream deserts, long walks and that they set up a leprechaun trap! Do you remember making those? My sister and I used to sprinkle glitter on the floor to see if the leprechaun left footprints… and he always did!

Their older brother is 10 and very, very cool. Probably too cool to pose for his cousin’s pictures, but he was a good sport when I went to his soccer game and school play. At that age, everyone is embarrassing, right? Even your super cool older cousin! And that cutie pie black lab is Daisy… I kind of fell in love with that pup. She’s just the most even tempered and friendly dog that you’ll ever meet.

As busy as we were with everything else, I felt really lucky that I was able to spend lunch time with just my aunt every day and experience all these really cool restaurants like Revel, a intimate, hipster-style place in Fremont with delicious Asian food! My aunt took that picture of the kimchi… beautiful, right?

I also created a family of Instagram addict’s! I love that now, even when I’m away, I can follow how the family is doing and what they see! I’ve been trying to encourage my aunt to start a blog… don’t you think that would be a good idea? She has the cutest style, knows all the coolest places in Seattle and has the most beautiful family… I think bloggers would be interested in her! It’s sad that I never really get to see my family enough, we just all live so far apart! I really had some great times with them last week though… and I’m SO HOPING that I get the chance to move closer to them and live in Seattle! I would so appreciate everyone keeping me in their thoughts and hoping that I get the chance to move and start a real job!


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