Molly (of Orangette)

Everything kind of all happened at once. But let’s go back a couple of months and start from the beginning.

My aunt loves the Seattle food blog Orangette. She referred it to me a couple of months ago and I browsed through quickly. Good pictures… simple layout… I felt I covered the basics. If I’m remembering correctly, I didn’t read much at all. It was a nice blog, but it didn’t knock my socks off… you know? I find that I’ve done this exact thing to many really wonderful blogs. I take one quick glance at the first page and if nothing jumps out, I move on without much thought. I’ve missed out on so many great stories because of my snap decision-making!

Now fast forward to last week. My aunt took me to Elliot Bay Books  and insisted on buying me her favorite book, written by Molly Wizenberg of Orangette. It was a green book with white coffee cups on the cover. Again, nothing really registered with me. Eh… cool cover. It kind of looks like a million other book covers, right? In case you were wondering… it looks like this:

So I slid the book into my purse and didn’t think much about it until the next day. I had just gotten out of a meeting and was relaxing in Starbucks when I pulled it out. Suddenly, I was 100 pages in. Then 150. I was in love… with a book. Her style of writing is so unique and fresh and so… familiar. It felt as if I was reading the life of someone else but written in my own words. Reading this book inspired me to write. It inspired me to cook. It inspired me to read more. I actually hugged this book when I finished it. Overall, hugging books is very unsatisfying, but I just felt grateful for reading it. Somehow, I was thanking the book. Her words painted such a textured picture of her life and you just want to BE there. You wish you were standing beside her while everything happened.

The next few days that followed were kind of Molly-of-Orangette-themed. My aunt and I went to eat at one of Molly’s favorite Seattle restaurants, Boat Street Cafe and my meal was completely delicious. Then we decided to make the leap and try the restaurant that she and her husband own, Delancey. I wish I could tell you that I loved her restaurant too… but I must say that I was somewhat disappointed. The atmosphere, the thin pizza crusts, the over simplified menu and the huge selection of wines were all a turn off for me. It was just a little too hipster-Seattle for me. But I DO recommend Boat Street and I’d like to think that if I ever owned my own restaurant, it would look something like Boat Street. …See how cute it is?

In the end, I kind of feel like a Molly-stalker. I read her blog, her book, went to her favorite restaurant and went to the restaurant that she owns! But I’m only admitting this to you so that you might become somewhat of a Molly-stalker too.

Please buy the book, it’s amazing. If you like cooking, or memoirs, or cooking memoirs, or just reading GOOD BOOKS, you should read this book.

Please read the blog, it’s free. She even met her husband through her blog. I mean… if you can get someone to fall in love with you through your blog, you must be a good writer.

And if you’re ever in Seattle… stop by Boat Street. I only make recommendations if I KNOW you won’t be disappointed!  I honestly don’t think that you’ll be disappointed. I’m, like, very confident about this.


3 thoughts on “Molly (of Orangette)

  1. And now I’m going to have to read this book! And I must agree, hugging books is NOT as satisfying as it would seem…

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