Somewhat Sleepy in Seattle

Daffodils are big in Seattle right now. As in, they’re everywhere. In yards, in grocery stores, along roadsides… it’s ridiculous. I imagine that there are quite a few Seattle curmudgeons that despise this surplus of bright yellow flowers, but I am definitely not one of them. Mixed with the beautiful soft blossoms and greenery, the northwest is brimming with all of my favorite colors!

I first saw the Fremont Troll in 10 Things I Hate About You (one of my favorite movies and such an ode to Seattle). I’ve been dying to visit ever since. I fancy myself a pretty patient person for waiting well over a decade to walk in the same place that Joesph Gordon Levitt once walked. To see the Troll for the first time is both impressive… and somewhat of a let down. The Troll hasn’t aged gracefully, yet, there’s something still very mystifying about it. He was chosen… out of anything else in the world… for that particular spot. You have to kind of love that about him.

Driving along in Queen Anne, we came to a hill that felt ridiculously close to the Space Needle. (Of course, this picture gives this perspective no justice whatsoever.) I haven’t actually been to the Space Needle in years, but I think it’s about time for another visit. I overheard someone say on the plane that it was created for the World’s Fair. Such a strange thing to create, right? “Ok guys… the World’s Fair is coming up… what are we going to make? A giant needle? That points to space? We’ll get to work on that right away.”

A bald eagle flew about 7-10 feet above my head. I feel like that MUST be some sort of lucky sign, right? My aunt and her family live a few blocks from Lake Washington and they’re constantly spending time at a lakefront park nearby. Since it was first pointed out to me, I had been eyeing the bald eagle’s nest, vying for just a brief moments where I could see a bald eagle up close. A few times they left the nest for nearby branches. Once an eagle swooped into the nearby woods. It wasn’t until my second to last day where I felt a breeze and I felt the sudden urge to look up. Luckily, I did look up… to see the most beautiful bird I’ve ever laid eyes on. I feel that it’s an injustice to call a bald eagle a bird because they’re almost terrifyingly huge with such piercing eyes. I felt like I was looking at a dinosaur, a wise old creature that shouldn’t be a part of modern life.

One of my most favorite stops in Seattle was at Melrose Market near Capitol Hill. Not only did I eat the most delicious sandwich there… but I also had a very large crush on the meat guy. The Market is a delightful mix of gift shops, restaurants, bars… but most importantly, a butcher shop. Where very handsome men are employed. Very rarely do I come into contact with a man so beautiful that I’m rendered speechless… but my meat shop husband made it so. He had a short ponytail (which, my cousins excitedly pointed out, I could braid for him if he so desired) and Marlon Brando lips. With a Rebel Without a Cause attitude. Oh la la. I couldn’t manage a word. I blushed and paced while everyone else spoke. But my cousins did manage to take a picture of the hot dogs.

I got a manicure… which is my idea of the ultimate indulgence. Even as I type this… the manicure is slowly chipping away and losing that glossy luster. Unfortunately, I love manicures. I tend to love things that just don’t last! I love how soft and elegant my hands feel when I leave. I love this beautiful color, the “Pippa”, and that it matches the clutch my family bought me as a late graduation/birthday present!

On Saturday, we visited the SAM to see the newest exhibit of Paul Gauguin. I was intrigued by his association with Van Gogh (my most favorite painter) but the similarities were few and far between the two men. It just wasn’t my type of art, but I did enjoy walking around and listening to my cousins opinions. “Inappropriate” was used on the many nude portraits and carvings, but they really expressed how they felt about the artwork too. “This makes me feel sad” or “she looks worried” peppered each piece of art.

I loved the little details throughout the city, whether it was a swanky bowling alley or a tiny alley way, each corner of Seattle had a certain touch and feel that was completely unique to any other corner.

This is what I really look like. All of my favorite pictures of myself have been when I didn’t know that person was taking the picture. I feel like I look 100% different in pictures of my straight on moon face… it’s just not what I look like in real life! My aunt took this when I was in the middle of a phone interview and completely concentrated elsewhere. I’m wearing a very Seattle-esque outfit, don’t you think?

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