Thankful Thursday

On Sunday night, I treated myself with dinner and a movie. We saw Friends with Kids, which I thought was really good! It wasn’t my most favorite movie ever, but the cast was just too good to pass up! Megan Fox was flawless, as always, in a small role and Adam Scott is so cute and handsome. Plus, you have to applaud Jennifer Westfeldt for writing, directing, producing and starring in a movie. Is there anything she CAN’T do? I mean… she’s dating Jon Hamm AND has perfect hair? Life was fair to her. After we went to the Blue Plate Diner for post-popcorn cravings. Isn’t it so cool and retro? I love that they have an old pump outside too… they left so many little details untouched over time!

This week I spent a lot of time with Dakota (the dog) and Kaia (the cutest little girl in the world AND my cousin). Dakota is pretty easy to please… as long as you continue to throw his tennis ball over… and over… and over again. Kaia and I went on a few walks along the country roads. Do you know how slow two year old’s walk? Really slow. And she would rather push her own stroller rather than actually sit in it. But at the same time, spending time with her is more fun than I’ve had in a LONG time. I got to play “mom” this week! Actually, I got to play “Mocha” because “Morgan” is too hard to pronounce! Not that we went without a tantrum or two… but the little cute moments make up for it. Like getting a kiss on the cheek before a nap or seeing her understand something for the first time.

This week has gone by quickly, but it feels like I haven’t gotten much done. I’m SO EXCITED that I’ll be leaving for Seattle tomorrow and I’ll be there for a week! It’s the second vacation that I’ve taken in the last 5 years and I’m going to make it count! I’m going to stop rushing around and halt the job search for the week and really just relax and breath. I deserve it!


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