Thankful Thursday

Last week I was feeling down in the dumps and avoided the “Thankful” post all together, but this week I’m persevering through it!

Last week was the first time I’d actually experienced a snow storm. However, most people would be quick to remind me that it was nothing to compared to “such in such time when it snowed so much that they couldn’t do blank-ety blank.” But I don’t care! Because to me this was a big bad storm! And I had to drive in it! I was driving 30 mph on the freeway… by choice! Looking back, it was comical how much I freaked out… but I had good reason to. At one point, I was driving behind a truck and we both came to a complete stop at a light and suddenly, the truck just started sliding. The driver was completely calm about it too! I would’ve been overreacting and gesturing like a cartoon character! Anyway, the mini-storm gave me good reason to lounge around the house with no makeup wearing my moms old cable knit sweaters and knee high socks for most of the week.

For the past few years, reading had been an absolute extravagance. If I wasn’t studying a text book, I felt guilty and never quite enjoyed a book for leisure. These past few months have made up for the past few years entirely. I’ve read more books than I can keep track of and I’ve finally gotten around to the series that were popular years ago. Last week I picked up Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on a whim when I was leaving the library and started reading it while I was at work. I spent that night and the entire next day reading the book. I LOVED it. I’m halfway through the second one and I’m planning on reading the third book next week! The funny thing is, everyone has already read these books. When I started gushing about a new favorite they say “Uh yeah. That was a good book… three years ago!” Either they think I’m slow… or that I jump onto bandwagons very late in the game. In my defense, I read Anna Karenina last summer. Anyone who finishes that book deserves an award or something… or at least a celebratory button.

This is a picture of Pepsi. In a Starbucks mug. With a purple straw. (Because it’s fun and whimsical to drink everything through colorful straws) For years, I never understood why so many people take pictures of their coffee. Every morning I roll over, grab my phone and first thing I flip through Instagram pictures and EVERY DAY, I’m not even kidding, someone takes a picture of their coffee. Coffee isn’t pretty! They usually serve it in boring mugs! Why do they torture me so? But this week, I finally understood it. All along, they were thanking the coffee gods. Just like my Pepsi picture is a salute to the soda gods. Pepsi, and lots of it, have gotten me through the past few weeks. Lack of sleep, achy muscles and tense nerves result in a lot of coaxing throughout the day and the only thing that seems to help is a jolt of caffeine. Yes, I know that soda can kill you eventually. But sometimes I feel like soda also prevents me from killing other people. That should be the new slogan “Pepsi… We Save Lives.”


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