This Isn’t Just a Game

I didn’t want to read The Hunger Games. I really didn’t.

The fact is, I get addicted to books. Not a bad addiction to have, right? Wrong. Because I get sucked in. I think about books months after I finish them. I dream about them. And the only cure is time. Can you imagine what the Harry Potter series did to me? I started when I was 9 (I played Dumbledore in the school play, beard and all) and finished the final movie when I was 21. Needless to say, it destroyed me! Same with every other series… Twilight… Lord of the Rings… even Nancy Drew. Yes, my addiction started at a young age. I owned every single Nancy Drew book. All 56. It’s true.

So I’d heard rumors about The Hunger Games books and I tried to cover my ears. I tried to avoid watching the trailers. I even tried to avoid reading the (many) blogs and articles featuring the books. But finally, I reached my limit. I couldn’t stay away from them any longer. I casually tossed the first book into the cart while shopping at Costco on a Sunday. Tuesday I bought the second book. Thursday I bought the third. I didn’t just read these books… I devoured them. Voracious is the best way I can describe my reading style. I lie in bed, fetal position, read for hours and pause only for cookie breaks. I lead such a healthy lifestyle. And I’m so obviously mentally sound.

I’d caught a few of The Hunger Games trailers, so I vaguely knew what Katniss, Gale and Peeta looked like, but as I read, the characters became so vivid in my mind that it’s difficult to imagine Woody Harrelson as Haymitch (I imagined Haymitch as much older) and Donald Sutherland as President Snow (I imagined him to be much uglier). And Rue isn’t at all how I imagined her. On the other hand? Cinna and Caesar are exactly how I imagined them. (Check out the pictures at Rolling Stone) As for the love triangle, I think The Hunger Games finally got it right. The heroine actually ends up with the person she’s supposed to be with as opposed to Twilight…. Gale is a hulking hunk and Peeta is so small and wholesome.

But this isn’t just a love story. It’s so much more than that because it’s applicable to so many realistic things. It’s not about how the underdog wins (because the underdog always wins… in movies) or how to have sex with a vampire. It’s about war. About suffering economies. About government. It’s about being a strong woman. I could go on, but it would get way too cheesy.

So… who’s going to the midnight premiere with me?


5 thoughts on “This Isn’t Just a Game

    1. My mom said the same thing when she read it! Maybe it’s because I saw the trailers, but Jennifer Lawrence seemed like a perfect fit for Katniss to me! I feel like a lot of actresses would’ve made the role too cutest or sexy, but Lawrence is good at being rough and tough. Have you seen Winter’s Bone?

    2. Oh wow… she’s pretty! I do like that Jennifer Lawrence is a little thicker and stronger. She’s not a very skinny woman, you know? But Lyndsy would’ve been a ok fit too!

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