Really Fox??

How could they cancel Terra Nova? It was the epitome of a great show.

I wish I could write a long post ranting about how wrong Fox was in cancelling, but I know it won’t make any difference. The big shots at Fox don’t look at anything their viewers actually care about… all they care about are ratings and most importantly, the dollar signs. Terra Nova probably cost a lot to create, especially with the elaborate sets and huge network of actors, and it obviously didn’t have as many viewers as a new Monday night show as opposed to… American Idol? They even canceled Jonah Hill’s new show, which was animated. As in, it was dirt cheap. In my opinion, Fox is panicking. They ended House, which was a huge hit for them, and it’s become strikingly apparent that The Voice is the better singing competition. Glee, which is for some inane reason a “popular show”, has even gone through a very soap opera-y phase with desperate attempts to bring in more viewers. I can just imagine the corporate head honchos rubbing their hands together and saying “We’ll have them get married! Little desperate girls all over the country LOVE weddings!”

It’s just sad. It’s sad that something came along that was exciting, wholesome and beautiful… and it was cancelled. I mean, the show had dinosaurs! I LOVE dinosaurs! And a TV show with dinosaurs is more rare than you think. Plus, the show was produced by Steven Spielberg, which is usually a mark of something great. What else could explain why people went out to see War Horse or The Adventures of Tintin? Guys, I’m getting emotional about this. I feel like all of my favorite shows are being cancelled! First came the Community scare, but I feel as if this season… one by one… all of my favorite shows are being threatened. Yet somehow, garbage like “Raising Hope” and “GCB” exist. However, I do feel some hope for 3 new shows: Awake, Smash and Alcatraz. I think that I’m getting too wound up about this. Will you miss Terra Nova too?


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