As If…

What’s a better/less creepy word for “obsession”? Because that’s how I feel about Sofia Coppola. I don’t know what half of these answers are, but I want to go out and adopt them as my own favorites! She loves Sixteen Candles? She loves Bill Cunningham and Amy Poehler? I love those things too! I so desperately want to grasp at any similarities that we might have.

I’d been waiting for the newest Vanity Fair to come to my local library rather than go out and buy it, but it was well worth the wait! That long article on Diner was amazing and enlightening… I don’t care if it’s a sexist movie, I like it! Also, there was an article on the male penis. Just saying. But I had to refrain from happily giggling when I saw this Sofia blurb. I might actually do something like this on my own blog! It’d definitely be an interesting column to do and really easy to pull together. Thanks for the potential idea, VF.

This week has been haunted by Sofia it seems. First this article. Then I saw Being John Malcovich (and promptly turned it off after about an hour) and was amazed at how much Spike Jonze based Catherine Keener’s character off of Sofia. At a quick glance, she could BE Sofia. He made the movie just before they were married and even though they divorced after a quick 3 years, something about that uncanny resemblance made me feel as if he might’ve loved her more than she loved him. Oh how I love to speculate.

Then I heard that Sofia’s making a movie about the crazy teenagers who stole from celebrities… and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I have no idea how she’s going to incorporate her style and technique into the story. Plus, Emma Watson signed onto the project this week and she’s definitely not someone I ever imagined teaming up with Sofia. Maybe I’m just jealous. Finally, I came across a gorgeous picture of her and Tom Ford hanging out at the Vanity Fair party and then I daydreamed about what it would be like to be the sort of person who is invited to events like the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party. Oh to be you, Sofia.


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