Oscar! Oscar! Read All About It!

Jennifer Lopez looked BEYOND glamorous in this dress! This dress is the epitome of Hollywood to me. This dress is the epitome of Va Va Voom. It definitely made her look more “hippy” and curvacious than she already is… but I like that! She showed off her sexy Latina body in a very proud way!

Melissa McCarthy looked wonderful. She’s definitely made a few questionable choices in the past or played it very safe, but this perfect dress reminded me of a seashell. That soft, vulnerable inside that usually holds a precious gem. And Melissa IS a precious gem. Compared to every other woman on the red carpet, her skin was flawless, her accessories were spot on and she seemed genuinely HAPPY. She was enjoying herself and it showed!

Rooney Mara really shouldn’t be considered human. She’s just too perfect. Her skin is flawless, her hair is impeccable and this dress was wonderful on her. Though her choices have been reminiscent of her role in the past, this dress was originally her personal style. Yes, we can reference Audrey’s dark hair and thick brows… but this look is 100% Rooney. Throughout this year, her whirlwind transformation from a Hollywood nobody to fashion icon is astounding and inspiring. I know I over-use the world “classic”, but this look is truly classic. I can imagine Natalie Wood wearing it 50 years ago and I can imagine some new starlet wearing it 50 years from now.

Ellie Kemper is adorable. I would wear this dress in a heartbeat. It’s young and fun and glamorous all at the same time. The colors worked well with her natural auburn hair and fair skin. My mom wasn’t a fan of Meryl Streep’s look… but I have to disagree entirely. This dress was very 70’s inspired with a Studio 54 influence and a disheveled appeal. The draping was modest, but the neckline was deliciously sexy and I felt that at any minute she could seductively reveal a few inches of her shoulder. The dress glowed, but refused to outshine the luminous woman wearing it.

I liked Michelle Williams dress, but I admired her humble demeanor even more. Much like Rooney’s Audrey comparison, Michelle has managed to outshine her Mia Farrow comparison as well. Though I was bored with Jessica Chastain’s dress but I was awed by her perfect hair and makeup. She looked so young, sexy and fresh.

It’s not just because I love Giuliana Rancic… she looked beyond gorgeous. She glowed in that perfect Hollywood way and wore such a tasteful dress. Angelina Jolie radiated like usual. Even though I didn’t love the dress (and awkward stance) she still maintained that other-worldly goddess beauty.

And the parents I wish I had (Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann) looked fabulous. I’m so happy that their work is finally being recognized in a big way.


2 thoughts on “Oscar! Oscar! Read All About It!

  1. I didn’t catch the oscars but I always look forward to seeing gwyneth paltrow 🙂 I love her. She always looks so clean and classy.

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