A Madison Meander

Cheese is a big deal here. Especially cheese curds. But I also feel like suddenly everyone I know is obsessed with cheese. Why do I surround myself around with these crazy cheese people?! I need to find some chocoholics to hang out with!

Doesn’t this remind you of Gringotts? Or am I just a huge Harry Potter nerd? The architecture of downtown Madison is so cool and different. Yesterday the weather was amazing because it wasn’t too cold and snow was falling, but only in delicate, sticky clumps that stick to your hair and make you look like a pretty snow angel.

The capital is so beautiful and regal and untouchable. There are just so many wonderful details on such an impressive building. Yet the same time, it’s welcoming enough that I felt compelled to make snow angels on the large lawn and wished it was summer so that I could read a book on the lawn.

It’s been a LONG time since I last splurged on clothes. I can’t wait to make outfit posts for the dresses that I bought… I hope you agree on how cute they are! I also bought new undies… basically my favorite thing to buy ever. That gorgeous floral print in the picture above is actually a bathing suit! I know I’m reaching a bit far into the future for that purchase… but I adore the high waist fit and I’m fairly certain that I won’t find anything cuter than that for only 10 dollars! My wallet feels uncomfortably light now… but in the end, they’re mostly smart purchases that I can wear to work or play!

Yes, I’m fairly obsessed with pajamas. I spend more time wishing for sexy pajamas than any other article of clothing.


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