(Very Late!) Thankful Thursday

This week has been a challenge full of highs and lows.

For me, spending a lot of time with family is one of the best and most difficult aspects of my life because my family acts as a direct mirror. They reflect back everything that is good about my personality and they’re unafraid to point out my littlest flaws. Though I’ve built up some sort of thick skin over the years, family is always there to keep you grounded. In my case, VERY grounded. I know that I’m lucky to have such a large family and to live so close to family now, but it’s challenging all the same. I went through some old pictures this week and these were a few of my favorites!

Also, this week I started reading The Hunger Games. They’re definitely amazing books… as much as I hate to admit it! Throughout the past 6 months I actually stopped following a few blogs and tumblrs because they suddenly became obsessed with talking about The Hunger Games. I mean… I don’t love the books to that extreme, but I only waited a whole 12 hours after finishing the 1st book to buy the 2nd book. It’s definitely allowed me to take a much-needed escape out of my life for a few hours!

Finally, I’ve started to hear back from a few companies for job opportunities! I don’t want to jinx anything… but it’s been exciting!


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