Tory & Her Boys

I’ve always admired the classic aesthetic of Tory Burch, but after seeing this spread in Vogue, I can’t help but admire her home design even more. While the world is in a fit of 1920’s fashion inspiration (thanks to the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby and Ralph Lauren’s spring collection) this estate is so classic and easy going, yet ornate and intricately designed. She’s a tough business woman with a keen eye for design, but what I love even more is her love for her boys and family. Every interview and article I’ve seen of Tory mentions her children and I loved that she emphasized her boys in the Vogue spread. This isn’t just a pretty home that she’s created, it’s a family home where her boys can ride their skateboards, play and congregate every holiday. Without this family, the home wouldn’t have importance and that’s something that I would love for my future. Obviously, I know there won’t be any estates in that future, but I hope that someday I’ll be able to create a family home for my children that they feel comfortable in and could revisit every holiday.


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