Finally Milwaukee

I’ve been dying to see what all the Milwaukee fuss was about since I moved to the Madison area… but every weekend rolled around… and every weekend that hour and a half drive there just seemed sooo long. But we finally did it, we made that extra effort to visit Milwaukee! The drive really wasn’t all that long either… it had a bunch of frozen rivers on either side that made the drive in quite picturesque. The only thing I was majorly bummed about missing was a shot of the Brewers stadium because it’s the coolest baseball stadium I’ve ever seen. It kind of looks like AT&T Park… if it was attacked by a giant War of the Worlds-type alien. Don’t you like that visual?

On the way there, we had to stop at Starbucks because there are so few here! Another thing Wisconsin is in dire need of? Toilet seat covers. TMI… I know… but really. That needs to be a federal law or something. In Wisconsin, it’s only the national chain stores that have the seat covers. I think I need to be petitioning for this somehow.

Milwaukee is officially the most random city that I’ve ever been in. You’ll be driving along and pass by a block that reminds you of Chicago… then San Francisco… then Boston… and this is all within a mile radius! It’s a city without feeling like a city. It’s gritty without being dirty. It’s a little pretentious and a little humble. It’s a city of character though and you have to respect that! On the other hand… every time I take a day trip to someplace like this I feel a bit numb. Almost as if I’ve overwhelmed. Like I’m moving too fast. Maybe it’s an anxiety thing? Maybe I’m just tired from the week? Does anyone else feel that way?

We spent most of our time in an area called the Third Ward… doesn’t that sound like a creepy name? But in reality it was a very quaint, sleepy area full of cute boutiques and small restaurants. Everything felt very revamped old-industrial and it was fun to see rusty beams and weathered brick next to colorful shop windows and signs.

Not to brag… but this dress looked DAMN GOOD on me. Even more so in person. When I picked it off of the rack I was sure that it would be too long and the color would be too weird… and I was so wrong. It literally fit me like a glove, as if someone took my measurements and sent them in to create this dress. The only downside? The price-tag. I couldn’t even afford the 50% marked down price. I guess it wasn’t meant to be…

My mom oh-so-kindly pointed out that this might look like lingerie… but it’s really an apron! (And I guess it could be worn as lingerie… if you’re into that….) I’ve wanted a cute apron for far too long and this one is just so freaking cute. Just another thing to add to the wish list!

I’ve been getting into Bloody Mary’s lately. Not that I order one for myself, but I’ll sip. Normally, I never drink at all… I honestly can’t stand the taste… but I can somehow trick my mind into believing I’m drinking tomato juice when I’m drinking a Bloody Mary. Is this a tacky drink? I wish I could order things that sound classic, like a Sidecar. Another fun twist to the trip? We cracked ourselves up by talking like exaggerated Prohibition-era actors and calling each other “wise guy” or “rascal”. Inspired by last week’s New Girl Valentine’s episode, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were tryin’ to liquor me up!”


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