Like Totally Crazy Beautiful

The first time I saw Felicity Jones I thought it was pretty cool that she was given acting roles because she was so… normal.

She doesn’t fit into that cookie cutter idea of what an actress should look like. She’s petite, normal sized and really quite plain. Not to mean any offense, but I cannot understand how she gets comparisons to Carey Mulligan because Mulligan is so sweet looking and has those adorable cherub cheeks.

In the time since she starred in last year’s Sundance darling Like Crazy I’ve seen her dolled up in many beautiful editorials and I’ve been kicking myself for not seeing the film yet. When I heard the news that Dolce and Gabbana were were teaming up with her for their new makeup line I felt… confused. She does have that creamy British skin (without the British teeth) but I still don’t think she’s striking enough to model makeup against Gisele or Scarlett. I admit, the ads did turn out very striking and evoke a very classic Sophia Loren, but I truly enjoyed this editorial in the March issue of Elle Magazine. It has such a fresh and modern take on the classic romance of the 50’s without feeling too referential or dated. It’s obvious that Dolce and Gabbana truly enjoy dolling Jones up.


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