Most Glamorous Grammys

The Grammys have officially gone glamorous.

Ever since I could remember, the Grammys have always been a bit… over the top. It was a well-known fact that the Grammys fashion was always more adventurous, daring and unexpected, especially compared to the closely preceding Oscars night. But I noticed this same trend at the 2012 Golden Globes as well… everyone is playing it safe! The dresses were elegant and (almost) everyone looked radiant… but nothing left me really wowed. Is this a sign that fashion has become a little more tame/less ostentatious? Is it a sign that women and men are finally starting to dress like ladies and gentlemen? Is it because the failing economy is causing everyone to choose safer/more affordable choices?

The queen of the night was obviously Taylor Swift. She did a light sparkly dress (her signature) with a grown up twist. This feels reminiscent of ancient times with a structured romance. She looks like a statue. Plus, I loved that she kept everything else so simple. Natural makeup, a classic chignon and no jewelry. A girl after my own heart.

I am not a fan of Rihanna… but I do have to admit that she looks so seductive and sexy in this dress. She finally looks somewhat normal, tasteful and luckily ditched her typical God-awful hairdos and tacky/pseudo-punk style for the night. Jessie J is another one that usually ends up looking like a sad mess… but she really pulled out all the stops for the Grammys. This dress is a beautiful color against her milky skin and she kind of looks like a disco ball… and I LOVE disco balls. Simple bag, striking bangs and simple makeup made her look absolutely stunning.

My two wackiest favorites of the night were Fergie and Katy Perry. And I love these two for very opposite reasons. Fergie’s body just looks great… I mean, who else could really wear such a see through dress without looking completely trashy? This dress looks couture, it looks regal and at the same time, with the opaqueness and the color… it’s still fun! On the other hand, Katy Perry has obviously seen better events. Was I the only one who thought she looked stunning in last years angel wings? This dress is a beautiful color on her, she’s dyed her hair back to last years Smurfette color and overall she looks very pretty. But she doesn’t look her same Katy Perry self. She doesn’t look happy, she doesn’t look fit and her hair looks like it’s about to fall out.

This long-sleeved gown was a popular silhouette for the evening… not that I’m complaining! These beautiful women proved that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to look sexy. Adele looked so classy all night, almost as if she’d teleported from 1960’s England with her winged liner and voluminous hair. Carrie Underwood looked fresh and happy, like always. Another girl who adores her sparkle and glam.

The Civil Wars always blow me away by their beautiful talent and it came as no surprise that they looked like a perfect duo on the red carpet. And I know she doesn’t sing… or have any talent really… but Kelly Osbourne looked amazing tonight. That hair is a pretty crazy color… but somehow it worked with this dress and her skin looks so healthy. She finally looks really healthy and happy.


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