Who’s That Girl?

I know New Girl is a show that doesn’t need any extra promotion. FOX really went all out selling this show in magazines, newspapers, radio ads, billboard ads… it was pretty intense. The slogan “Adorakable” is more than obnoxious, but regardless, this show was meant to be a hit. Movies are expensive to make and with a shoddy economy fewer are made every year. TV has become a place of prosperity with inexpensive production and great turn around. Making a well known movie actress, singer and fashion icon into a TV star seems like a no-brainer, but in reality, it rarely happens. I truly think that this show and Zooey Deschanel have marked an new era of television.

Also, something I find important to note is that New Girl has a female star and a female creator… which unfortunately is all-too rare. Liz Meriweather wrote last year’s No Strings Attached (which I found absolutely hilarious) and her style and cadence of humor is completely different from anyone else. With every line, expression and movement, the show becomes increasingly hilarious at dizzying speeds. Despite the girl-power behind/on-set and the jaunty intro jingle, this isn’t a girly show.

Zooey Deschanel plays Jess, a quirky school teacher who has broken up with her longtime boyfriend and moves into an apartment with three strangers, all men. New Girl takes a realistic approach to a late 20’s, early 30’s lifestyle. We don’t have houses, sometimes we don’t have jobs, usually we’re poor and single. There are no Manolo Blahnik’s in Jess’s closet and there are no prestigious job titles. Instead, Jess probably wears clothes from ModCloth and she shares a bathroom with her three roommates. And with every predicament Jess finds herself in, nothing feels that far of a reach from reality.

It’s her roommates that keep the show moving at a lightning pace. In my opinion, Schmidt deserves to be considered one of the best characters in television history. He’s “that guy”that everyone knows, the typical Southern California guy which an endearing softness to his douchebag exterior. With Schmidt, a jar becomes a surprising recurring character every few episodes. Nick is the negative Nancy of the group who’s probably too smart for his own good and (we hope!) has a secret crush on Jess. Winston is the surprising softie of group, despite his athletic background and dead-pan sarcasm (but I can’t help wishing that Coach would’ve stayed).

If you watch TV to laugh, watch New Girl. It’s on after Glee (but DO NOT watch Glee!) Tuesday nights. If you must, come for Zooey, but stay for cute style, realistic humor and some of the best written characters on TV today.

“Has anyone seen my good pea coat? I can’t find my driving moccasins ANYWHERE!”

One thought on “Who’s That Girl?

  1. I referenced “driving moccasins” the other day and I was thrilled when someone actually laughed and said “we built this Schmitty!” Great post about the show 🙂 New Girl is definitely my new favorite show!

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