Thankful Thursday

Last Friday, the typical date night, I went on a sushi date with my mom. I love going out for sushi dates and there was just something so intimate and candlelit about this particular place… if only I was on an actual date! Maybe sometime soon…

I’m not a very good driver. I can admit it! But I also know that I drove MUCH better when I drove my sexy little Mustang around… but RIP Mustang (anddd my heart is kind of breaking as I type this). When I’m driving my mom’s Subaru, I feel like I’ve completely lost my touch with driving. So… the other day I kind of ran the Subaru into the garage door. It wasn’t my fault! I swear! It closed on me! So after apologizing profusely and feeling pretty embarrassed… I took the car into the dealership to deal with fallen parts and the (very slight) scratches on the roof. When I went to the dealership they reattached the racks for free… which was pretty cool but then they sent me to an auto shop where they fixed the scratches… FOR FREE! That would’ve never happened anywhere else in the world! I felt so lucky that day!

Ok, how beautiful are those eyes? Bear’s only four months old, but he’s ginormously huge and so friendly!

My cousins are the cutest people in the entire world. I’m so lucky to be able to spend time with them!

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon eating a delicious sandwich, driving through gorgeous countryside and discovering great finds at a vintage shop. Driving back home, I noticed this sign and said, “I wonder what that business is?” and my mom yelled, “A BANK!” and I started cracking up because that was exactly how I thought it in my mind! I find strange things hilariously funny.

Oddly enough, this week has been a tough one for me. Despite the fun adventures, the fun family times and bright, sunny days, I’ve been so hard on myself and I’ve felt very lonely. I’ve gotten quite a bit done, but at the same time I’m hoping to really find a happier place for next week.


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