Boo Wu Wu

When I first saw the Jason Wu collection for Target, I felt somewhat unimpressed. Everything just seemed so boxy… and nothing really jumped out at me. Now I realize that the reason everything looked boxy is because that model is so thin and boring-looking.

This morning as I was looking through my Twitter feed I was reminded multiple times that this was the day that Jason Wu for Target was released. So I got my things together and headed down to the local Target where I found only 10 pieces of the collection left… none of them in my size. Frustrated that I’d driven to  Target for nothing, I tried on the remaining clothes anyway, just to get the idea of what they would’ve looked like. Needless to say, the clothes were absolutely adorable on. On a real person, the clothes hugged just the right places and flowed away on the most problematic areas. He somehow incorporated all my favorite color combinations (nude, white, black, yellow, red and blue) with my favorite patterns (stripes and daisies). Some of the fabrics were thin and some of the clothes had snaps (girls with any chest at all CANNOT wear snaps!) but the prices were the most reasonable that I’ve ever seen! I could’ve absolutely seen myself wearing these clothes to work or out at night and incorporating them into my everyday wardrobe so easily. When I get dressed in the morning I tend to consult my muses, Sofia Coppola and Zooey Deschanel, and I have a good feeling that they would’ve both jumped for joy at this collection.

Alas… I was too late. I missed out on one of the best collections that Target has ever sold. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be pouting for the rest of the day.


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