A Vintage Gem

I love going to vintage shops more than most things in life… you just get the biggest kick out of some things and occasionally you’ll find the next perfect addition to your home! The things I tend to gravitate towards and fall in love with are admittedly pretty weird! Like how I love vintage glasses for alcohol… even though I don’t drink.  How cool is that retro shaker? It reminds me of the Jetsons or something! Also, I was majorly crushing on fans today. Why fans? It’s literally 30 degrees outside! I must be crazy. The only thing I bought today was that really beautiful Gemini book for 25cents from 1970. The things that cracked me up were the REALLY racist Chinese Checkers board game and the huge Star Trek mural . I’ve never seen anything like that before! Can’t you imagine a white Wisconsin family saying, “We’re not racist! We play Chinese checkers!” And a nerdy kid mouth breathing while sketching his favorite Star Trek characters? The random picture I snuck in there was of the fishtail braid I did on my mom this morning! It definitely looks different on other people with more hair, but really pretty, right?

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