Thankful Thursday

Remember how I mentioned how much I love diners? Well there’s something that just takes that love over the edge and that is… BLUE STRAWS. I will intentionally choose places to eat where they have blue straws. It’s some sort of OCD/crazy person tick that I have. I went to see The Descendants with my aunt and her friend last week (good movie, great scenic shots) and we stopped by this place called Culver’s for dinner. Basically, it’s a Dairy Queen mixed with IHop and it’s delicious in an artery-clogging sort of way (my favorite kind). Plus, they had blue straws and adorable ketchup packets. I’m so easily pleased.

Wednesday was a day that I took all to myself. Since I’ve moved to Wisconsin I’ve spent a lot of time alone, but I’ve never actually gone anywhere alone. This probably has to do with the fact that I did literally everything alone a few months ago… it’s as if I’m scared to now! So I drove downtown and did a little shopping for myself and my mom’s birthday present. It was pretty glorious. It was sunny, everyone was so nice and I discovered the best finds. I love this picture because it personifies that retro-Madison feel mixed with the very historical Capitol building in the background! Can you see it?

If a dress could scream my name… this dress would be deaf from all the screaming it’s done. You know how sometimes when you walk into a store and you’re drawn to something with an almost magnetic appeal? This dress drew me in instantly. The color, the swing-y skirt, the perfect fit… the only downside was that it was back-less. And back-less just isn’t an option for girls that are any larger than an A. Le sigh.

I’ve been stalking Einstein’s since the first day I arrived in the Midwest. I’m being 100% serious when I say that I’ve gone up to 5 different stores to find that they are all closed. Randomly on my downtown solo excursion, an Einstein’s was open! I ran in and bought my bagel and greedily devoured it while walking down the street. I felt very New York tough mixed with some Jewish greed. So many emotions evoked by that one little piece of dough.

I did the Heidi-braid look the other day… just to try something new. My hair is so light that it only took 2 bobby pins and 1 minute to arrange. Let’s just say that this hairstyle is a smash hit in Wisconsin! Two very fashionable girls ran up to be and complimented me immediately, which is a much more impressive compliment than any handsome boy saying so. That’s not to say that men don’t love this look either… because they do. Maybe it’s a German milk maid fantasy? Or a semi Princess Leia one? Also to note here, I’m extremely pale. I just realized it the other day and it freaked me out because it had been such a gradual change over time. I am just SO PALE.

I didn’t buy these, but I wished that I could’ve. I dream of a time when I can buy cute clothes and shoes that will actually last a long time… whenever I get that first big girl check, a bit will go to a little splurge! And I did buy myself this really classic denim shirt!

My mom’s birthday is always a fun day but this year we were able to incorporate an actual groundhog celebration with it! We woke up early and saw Jimmy the groundhog and we ate breakfast with my aunt! Later, we got some dinner and she got a pedicure while I got my hair cut. Overall, I’d say that she had a great day!

Overall, this whole week was a GREAT one but at the same time, I’ve hardy gotten anything done! Next week should be a much more productive one… with much less reading and cat napping!


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