Scriptwriting is HARD.

I told myself that this year I was going to get creative. I was going to finally write out some ideas that have been brewing in my head for over 2 years now. Not that I’ll ever show them to anyone… but just to write them out would be freeing.

Put pen to paper and the ideas will just flow out cohesively, right? WRONG. Halfway through, you start to second guess yourself. Then you start to hate all your characters. Then you want to change the genre. And obviously, none of this is good for your self esteem. The best thing you can do is have a sense of humor about things. Just laugh at yourself! Because all of these changes are ridiculous and pointless, but you have to just humor yourself through them! Oh, and the ideas that pop into your head just before you fall asleep are always genius. Maybe they won’t work, but they sure are funny.

These pictures made me laugh ridiculously loud because they are actors from one of my favorite shows in amazing homages to some of the best teen-80’s movies ever made. And now that I think of it, “teen-80’s movies” is one of my favorite genre’s.

Do you get it? Did it make you laugh?



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