Crashing with the Coppola’s


It’s no secret that I’m crazy about the Coppola family. To me, they seem like the closest thing to royalty. They’re just an amazing, creative and bohemian family that extends to so many different corners of the film industry. My absolute favorite, and my idol in so many ways, Sofia Coppola got married this fall in their newly acquired and renovated Italian villa. Now that the wedding celebration is over, they’ve converted the villa into a high-end hotel. Something that I so admire in Sofia is her knack for combining old, decadent glamor in quiet, classic ways and I think this hotel villa is the perfect example of her style. The beautiful, soft colors are contrasted with the rich, old-Italian architecture. Some of my favorite accessories can be found in this hotel… from the chandeliers, to the Venetian mirrors, to the classic Paris-cafe chairs. Can’t you just imagine the sunlight shining through those white airy curtains when you wake up in those silk sheets? I’m just praying that there’s still some way that I can marry into that family!

Find more pictures here


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