Just Some Recreational Fun

It makes me sad to live in a world where most people do not watch Parks and Recreation. It shocks me when I meet people who say “Oh, I’ve never seen it before.” Really? Because it is literally the best show on TV. You can trust me. I watch a LOT of TV.

I’ve met a few people who have told me that they’ve watched the show, but didn’t think it was funny. I don’t like those people. You know why? Because I don’t like liars! Because they obviously haven’t watched the show! On multiple occasions I’ve taken these liars aside and forced them to watch an episode of Parks and Recreation with me. And you know what? They laughed, a LOT.

Then again, I watch TV to laugh. My life is more ironically funny, not laugh-out-loud funny. I understand that some people turn on their TV’s to watch death shows (CSI, Dexter) or really bad reality shows (The Bachelor, Jersey Shore) but I prefer a good, old-fashioned sitcom. I grew up on Friends, Boy Meets World and Party of Five. Parks and Recreation is guaranteed to make you laugh. I agree with most people when they compare it to The Office because it’s very much so based on the inner workings of an office space, but it’s also very different in many ways. In my opinion, The Office shines attention on only a few select characters in a large (extremely talented) ensemble cast. The Office also stretches story lines out for too long.

The major difference with between Park and Recreation and other shows is this: the characters become real people. Each character is as multi-layered, unique and weird as normal, everyday people are. You know these people by their first and last names. Tom Haverford not only has is signature facial expression, but he named his vacuum DJ Roomba and shops in Brooks Brothers boys section. Leslie Knope has a penchant for waffles, feminism and the government system. Ron Swanson would rather be left alone in the woods or a steak house. In many ways, they are as complicated as normal people, but just as simple as well. I can imagine what Leslie Knope does on a Saturday morning or where Andy Dwyer shops with April. Once you know these characters better, even the slightest change of expression becomes hilarious. I wish I could live in the Parks and Recreation world and actually know these people. I’d probably try to steal Ben away from Leslie, accidentally make out with Chris (Rob Lowe is WAY too attractive to be my dads age) and hate everyone with April. Plus, Amy Poehler is a genius. She just understands what makes things funny so much more than other people do. We are the peasants to Amy Poehler’s queen.

If you’ve never watched the show, watch the episode named “Lil Sebastian”. If you’ve seen the show and claim to dislike it, watch the episode “Lil Sebastian.” Basically… it’s my favorite episode and I’ve watched it about 10 times. The latest episode “Bowling For Votes” was incredibly genius too. If you watch a few episodes and still claim to dislike Parks and Recreation and can honestly say that you didn’t laugh once… we can’t be friends. Ever.

One thought on “Just Some Recreational Fun

  1. Remember when Rob Lowe was sick and he was laying on the floor saying “you’re my best friieendd” to it. hahahhahahaha and I agree, he is hot!

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