Thankful Thursday

This is the most adorable diner I have ever set eyes on and I’ve eaten at a LOT of diners! I can literally leave my apartment building and walk about 20 steps to get to The Market Street Diner… something that I do way too often! Unlike the typical “greasy spoon” approach, Market is new and classy, clean and friendly all at the same time. Sometimes I go in to buy a soda and sit at the counter, imagining that I live in the year 1961 instead of 2011. Other times, like tonight, I go in to get a slice of pie and relax. I will literally invent any reason to eat there. My mom and I like to imagine that this is our version of a Luke’s Diner (Gilmore Girls reference!)… something we’ve always wanted!

This little muffin has kept me company all week. Some days, she stays as far away as possible and other days she’s a little cuddle machine. Monday she wasn’t feeling too well and stayed with me every second of the day. This week hasn’t been my most productive, but I have managed to watch some great TV and movies with my cat!

It might seem like a silly thing to be thankful for, but I love all the time I get to spend at the gym. It feels so amazing to just sweat and work out all your frustrations. They also have these things called infrared sauna’s that are amazinggg. I’m mean… not to be gross or anything but you sweat SO MUCH! And it feels so good!



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